Thank You

Media is a valuable moment in time for us. 

It is a learning tool, a means of evaluating our progress as well as celebrating our success. We really appreciate the media our band parents can share with us. If you are willing to share your media with us please contact us.


Videos from the Parents Showcase are at the bottom of this page. 

The videos demonstrate the exercises that we practice diligently to help students in the Brandon Marching Band not only achieve excellence, but also do so safely, without physical injury. Participation in the marching band is physically, and mentally demanding and like other extraordinary endeavors, extremely rewarding for those that persevere.  Please encourage and join in on practice at home      


E Flat Corral

Marching Techniques Forward Backward

Marching Techniques Slide

Marching Techniques Backward

Marching Techniques Forward

Posture Exercises

The Grid Movements 1 & 2

Warmup # 10